Raquel + Jason, St. Patricks & Eastpointe Country Club {Palm Beach Gardens, FL}


Wow, where do I start? Raquel & Jason's wedding was a fairytale. These two are so in love and being surrounded by such amazing friends and family the whole day came together perfectly. Saturday was one of the first nice days we have had here in Florida for the past few months. Sun, a cool breeze and beautiful light shined through the whole day. I've known Jason for a long time, growing up in the same town. And Raquel is the sweetest person you will ever meet! The way these two glance at each other is just magical! Get ready for sweet love letters, epic speeches, beautiful florals and just the cutest couple you will meet!

Venue: St. Patrick's Church + Eastpointe Country Club
Florals: Simply Flowers
DJ: Midnight Mike
Videography: Fine art Video
Makeup and Hair: Team Beauti
2nd Shooter: A BIG thanks to my awesome second shooter, Sarah from Blink + Co!

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Raquel and Jason ready letters they wrote to each other aloud, I think both Sarah and I were in tears it was so sweet. Though they didn't see each other before the ceremony I thought this was just a great way to tell each other how excited they were to walk down that aisle and spend the rest of their lives together.

And then... the epic speech! Jasons brother I think surprised the whole room with such a fun memory of him and his brother. The context was that Jason, as the little brother, would try and sneak into his room and "break in" to his safe in his closet. After many tries he never was able to do it! Well TODAY WAS THE DAY! His brother surprised him with the beat up locker safe and finally gave him the code to see what was in it after all these years.

As the sun went down we headed to the 18th hole for some final sunset portraits, SWOON

And then it was PARTY time! The night ended with their guests each making wishes as they sent off Wish Lanterns into the beautiful night sky....

I normally do not post behind the scenes pics, but I thought this image just captured the REAL true love these two had for each other. Moments after they wed, as Sarah and I were testing our light and making them look picture perfect, these two were starring into each other, laughing, giggling and just IN LOVE, with no direction and not realizing they were on camera...... Boom