Summer Summertime {a personal post}

Wow! Time has sure flown by since the launch of Jessica Bordner Photography this past April. One of my goals of my new venture was to really connect with all my amazing clients and apart of that was to start blogging and sharing more about my life with you all! So here is my first stab at a personal post...

For all of you that live in South Florida you know the past 2 weeks have been filled with non-stop rain! I grew up here in Florida and still to this day I always forget how rainy Florida summers really are. Despite the rain postponing some awesome shoots it has given me some time to spend with my hubby curled up on the couch and making dinners at home. My husband, Mike, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. To give you a little back story, we were married 2 years ago April 7th. Mike has been in the Navy since we met so our relationship has always been long distance since he was stationed in Japan and also did a 9 month tour in Afghanistan following our wedding date. For the first time since we have been together he has come home for good and I couldn't be happier :) He came home just around the same time as my new venture launched so I had so many exciting emotions going on at once! Over the past few months we have been able to settle into our new lives together and are looking forward to the future. Apart of that future is buying our first home! Over the past month we have been looking nonstop for the perfect home, but finding one isn't as easy as I thought it would be. We have lost 2 offers on two amazing homes but we know what is meant to be will happen and we are excited to see where it takes us. Summer is also the best time for some traveling before wedding season here in Florida is in full swing. We will be heading to the Keys for some relaxing fun and then off to California at the beginning of August to visit my sister and do a little exploring! I will definitely be posting photos of my travels so be sure to follow me on Instagram {personal: jessann} {photography: jessicabordnerphoto}. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful Fourth of July weekend. Here is a fun personal iphone snap of me and the hubby <3